Sub Zero Ice Cream joins as Chef Sponsor

We are delighted to have a returning GSCCC supporter participate for this years Fork it Over! Sub Zero Ice Cream has revolutionized the traditional treat of ice cream, as they use liquid nitrogen to create their creamy creations.  They already exude creativity and have wowed the Fork It Over crowd before, so we can’t wait what’s in store!


BJs Resturants joins as a Chef Sponsor

Thank you to our local BJs Resturants for supporting Fork it Over by participating as a Chef Sponsor! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for our culinary competition.  GSCCC is lucky to be in a community that supports the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for our girls! blt4b2313b3637b6daa-BJs-Restaurant-Logo

Newberry Candy joins as a Chef Sponsor

GSCCC is excited to announce that Newberry Candy will be a Chef Sponsor for our 4th Annual Fork It Over Culinary Competition and Fundraiser. These candy makers continue to excite our community with their creative treats, so we are looking forward to seeing what delicious goodies they have in store for our event!  Support from our community is helping ensure ever G.I.R.L reaches her fullest potential.

Newberry Candy.jpg

DJ’s California Catering joins as a Sponsor

GSCCC is thankful for the generous support of DJ’s California Catering, for choosing to be apart of our 2018 Fork it Over Culinary Competition and Fundraiser as a Sponsor. We value their continued partnership with GSCCC, and with community support such as theirs, we are able to ensure our girls will be provided with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience!


The Cave joins as a Chef Sponsor

GSCCC is thankful to have the support of The Cave, a continued Fork it Over supporter, returning as a Chef Sponsor this year. We are excited to see what they have in the works for our Culinary Competition! Having great community partners like them, teaming up for this great cause, our Central Coast girls will have the chance to benefit from the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! 

The Cave

Candu Printing joins Fork it Over as a Carmel DeLites Sponsor

GSCCC is thrilled to have Candu Printing as a Sponsor for the 2018 Fork it Over! Thanks to their generous support, we are able to benefit the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and provide life-changing experiences for Girl Scouts today!

The Sugar Lab BakeShop joins as a Chef Sponsor

GSCCC is thankful for the support of The Sugar Lab Bakeshop, a local hotspot for all things sweet in Ventura County for being apart of our Culinary Competition! We look forward to having them as a Chef Sponsor and treating our guests to some yummy creations! Thanks to community partners like them, GSCCC will be able to benefit the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and provide life-changing experiences for Girl Scouts today.

Sugar Lab.jpg